Structural reinforcements

Reinforcements of concrete structures, Aluminosis slabs repairing, pathologies in wooden and metal structures

Repairs with carbon fiber woven, epoxy adhesives, structural meshes, high strength mortars and metal jacketed

Repairs of reinforced concrete frames

Reinforcements of columns and beams. Recovery or increase of the resistance to compression, bending or shearing.
In case of appearance of fissures that had not been previously appreciated, please contact us, better be safe than sorry.

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Reinforcement in load-bearing walls

Leave the most committed work in hands of professionals

Aluminosis slabls repairing

Replacement by extendable metal beams
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Protection and maintenance treatment of structural wood

Treatment to eliminate and prevent the presence of wood-eating insects destroyers of wood (woodworm, termites, ...)

Chemical treatments for injection and spray impregnation, perimeter barriers and biological baits


Metal jacketed for concrete columns or brick-made.