Eco-eficient construction

2.1. System properties

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2.2. System principles

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2.3. Range of products

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In the 21st century we are able to travel through outer space on spaceships subjected to incredible mechanical and physical stresses and, however, we still find it hard to build a functional building, comfortable, in a short time, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, flexible to economic possibilities and adaptable according to the changing needs of the costumer.

As a result, the construction is evolving into more typical production systems from industry production, i.e., more reliable, more accurate and higher quality systems. This new paradigm of construction is called: RATIONAL CONSTRUCTION

RATIONAL CONSTRUCTION means functional designs, well sized and utilized spaces. It means using renewable and sustainable materials. It means buildings with very low energy demands. It means thinking about the adaptation of the buildings over time and the changing needs of families and users. It means fair prices and adapted offers to the possibilities of people. It means commitment throughout the life of the building, being always close for necessary maintenance or any incident.