System principles

The client

To listen and to understand properly the needs and preferences of the customer is paramount. Just after that we will be able to advise, as professionals, about the different options that we can offer to find the formula and the most suitable product. We have already designed standard products that can be adapted and customized.


Technological design

Design tools that allow the customer to be shown the different options for their future home. Tools to simulate the energy performance of the building. Tools to identify all the pieces that are part of the construction and make them previously in the workshop with accuracy


Manufacturing in workshop

In the workshop all parts and components that are part of the construction are prepared, and we work in controlled environments and in better conditions, with more precise finishes and higher quality without bothering the customer or neighbors with noise and dirt



The design and manufacture are designed with suitable sized components to allow carriage in 6 meters-long standard containers, having in mind the minimum empty spaces to leave. For example, with 3 containers we can carry all the components for a detached house of 80 m2.



Our whole system is designed to mount on site in the shortest possible time. Specialized assembly teams move virtually no work during this stage

As a guideline, the same 80 m2 single family house was assembled in 21 days

Maintenance service

All our products are accompanied by a Maintenance Plan throughout its lifetime. We do not avoid what we have designed and built, quite the contrary, we want to know first-hand how our buildings behave and, if necessary, resolve any incident occurring.