With over 1.510.000 m2 builded, refers to our project in different sectors


  • Aparthotel Comtat St. Jordi

    Aparthotel Comtat St. Jordi

    Town: Platja d’Aro Surface: 12.000 m2 Ending Year: 1989 Design team: Iglesias.

  • Escuela Hogar a Morella

    Escuela Hogar a Morella

    Team: Morella Surface: 3.600 m2 Ending Year: 1992 Design team: Enric Miralles-Carme Pinós

  • Residencia Estudiantes Can Caralleu

    Residencia Estudiantes Can Caralleu

    Town: Barcelona Surface: 4.700 m2 Ending Year: 1998 Design team: Joan Trias de Bes

  • Reforma parcial hotel Hipòcrates

    Reforma parcial hotel Hipòcrates

    Town: St. Feliu G. Surface: 3.200 m2 Ending Year: 1999 Design team: Serveis Tècnics

  • Hotel Vichy Catalan

    Hotel Vichy Catalan

    Town: Caldes M. Surface: 12.556 m2 Ending Year: 2006 Design team: Godia-Barrios

  • Melon District Paral.lel

    Melon District Paral.lel

    Town: Barcelona Surface: 5.500 m2 Ending Year: 2007 Design team: BCA arquitectes

  • Rehabilitación Hotel Diplomatic

    Rehabilitación Hotel Diplomatic

    Town: Barcelona Surface: 15.000 m2 Ending Year: 1999 Design team: GCA arquitectes associats

  • Melon District Poblenou

    Melon District Poblenou

    Town: Barcelona Surface: 21.200 m2 Ending Year: 2009 Design team: BCA arquitectes

  • Oficinas en Girona, Salart

    Oficinas en Girona, Salart

    Town: Girona Surface: 2.800 m2 Ending Year: 1989 Design team: Serveis Tècnics

  • Oficinas Girona, Jaume 1

    Oficinas Girona, Jaume 1

    Town: Girona Surface: 500 m2 Ending Year: 1990 Design team: Iglesias

  • Edificio oficinas C/ Sepúlveda

    Edificio oficinas C/ Sepúlveda

    Town: Barcelona Surface: 11.000 m2 Ending Year: 1992 Desin team: Serveis Tècnics

  • Oficina central Caixa de Girona

    Oficina central Caixa de Girona

    Town: Girona Surface: 200 m2 Ending Year: 1993 Design team: Iglesias